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Culinary Adventures in London’s Old East Village

Various cultures are celebrated every day in the Forest City, and this diversity is especially visible in London’s Old East Village. One of the best ways to experience the Village is through its many restaurants. Read about some of the great places to eat in this historic area of London.

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Che Restobar: A welcoming combination of classy and fun

Che Restobar is a restaurant you might expect to see in downtown Toronto, but this big city experience can be found much closer to home. On Dundas Street between Clarence and Wellington Streets, Che is a smart and elegant Latin American restaurant.

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A Night at Budapest Restaurant

Dining at Budapest is like stepping back in time. The decor is overwhelming at first, but everything has a story. There is an obvious appeal to the restaurant, and both the food and the people here have brought customers back time and time again.

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London Cafés and Coffee Shops

Drop in to one of London’s many café’s this season for a hot drink or a bite to eat. Bring a friend or bring a book. These cafés are perfect to sit down in or to grab something on the run.

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Sushi Isn’t Scary

There are so many great sushi restaurants in London. However, some people feel that sushi isn’t very approachable. So here is some information and tips that can help you navigate the seemingly scary world of sushi.

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